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Nice work Sleep Tight designer Dr. Mike Williams DDS. I used this device the day I receive it and got good uninterrupted breathing results. It worked for me in any position. The instruction booklet and You Tube feature covers all you need to know. It takes a little getting used to, as the instructions indicate, but the benefit is well worth it. Spicy foods, bad air quality whatever, for me, could cause many a lousy night’s sleep but no more. Having the Sleep Tight device eliminates sleep anxiety without introducing scary looking machinery into my nice bedroom.

So Thanks!

I have been using the Sleep Tight Mouthpiece for about two years. I tried several other mouthpieces first and they did not work as well as the SleepTight. Some units were bulky and felt like a hockey puck was in my mouth. Other units were flimsy and really did not hold my jaw in place. The SleepTight has enough plastic to hold my teeth firmly so my mouth does not flop open, but it is not so big that it becomes uncomfortable. I even use it when I take an afternoon nap. My wife loves it too, because she can sleep without my snoring waking her! I would like to order another one.

Jim Guenther

Thank You, I have recommended your product to some of friends, they didn't know there were any other options to the CPAP equipment.

Best Regards,
Frank Cooper

I purchased the sleep tight mouthpiece a couple of weeks ago. It is fantastic! I previously used the Zyppah device, which did not work. I'm thrilled a friend told me about your device..

Jan Pfeifer

Hi, I want to start by saying this really works. As I said, this works and my wife and I am getting better sleep.

Michael Hill

First of all, I am absolutely amazed at how well this product works. Seriously! I had a snoring app recording my sounds before and after. The first night with the mouthpiece I thought the recording didn't work, except when I turned it up I could hear the ticking of my clock. Wow! My husband took out his earplugs and my sleep is deeper and better. Thank you! I would never have believed it would have worked so well so quickly.

Thanks again,
Lisa Mc.

I received my sleep tight mouth pieces and wanted to thank you !!!! My snoring stopped immediately and no jaw or related pain and I didn’t drool :) My wife woke up a very happy camper. Thanks for solving my snoring problem. I am very grateful

Best Regards,
Bill George

I love - and my wife REALLY loves - your product!


Back over a year ago, I purchased my snore guards. And I love it! It worked great! I used the first one for a bit over a year.


I am really enjoying my SleepTight Mouthpiece. I noticed a marked improvement just in the first few nights of use. I felt so much better in the mornings and not nearly as tired in the late afternoons.

Dustin Williams

Customer Service.
My wife really likes her Sleep Tight Mouthpiece. In fact, she actually prefers it to the high dollar ($3800 before insurance) acrylic one she got from a sleep disorder center.

Randy Kollmansberger

I am sleeping really well and I think I have REM sleep now, and feel refreshed in the mornings. My wife is sleeping so much better and loves that I am so peaceful and quiet during the night. I have also recommended this STM to my friend. So many thanks it really works,


I have decided to keep the SleepTight. Works great. Tried a couple of others including ZQuiet and this is so much better.

Best Regards,

My new mouth guard works perfect! It is comfortable to the point where I don't even know I have it in. It locks my jaw in place so there is no soreness in morning. Most importantly, NO SNORING!!! I track my sleep with my apple watch and went from 5 hours to 8. I am back in my own bed and feel great in the morning. Success!

Best Regards,

My wife has just purchased your mouth guard which is excellent and works so well.

Tony Parsons

I could not believe it when I got your e-mail. This is true customer service!!! I will share a little secret with you. I am getting ready to go on a cruise with my sister and I did not want to ruin her vacation with my snoring. So I have to say, thank you from the bottom of my heart that you were able to re-route the delivery address. Especially on a Sunday!!! Your customer service can't get better than that!!! Lots of good wishes to you all.

Eternally grateful,
Minerva M

Got it this afternoon and updated the billing info. Your product works great!


I Have been using your mouthpiece for several weeks and just wanted to let you know that I love it! Did try another well-known competitor and you were the best. Many thanks for saving my marriage.

Eternally grateful,

I, actually more so my husband loves this product because it works so well that he doesn't have to leave the bedroom because of my snoring, and it is very tolerable to wear!

Thanks so much,

I, actually more so my husband loves this product because it works so well that he doesn't have to leave the bedroom because of my snoring, and it is very tolerable to wear!

Thanks so much,

Good morning.
I followed the suggested steps and readjusted the mouthpiece. According to my girlfriend, it is help with my snoring! Thank you for your help.

Eternally grateful,

Got it!!! Very cool product. I slept like a quiet bear... thank goodness I didn't have to do the surgery at least not right away.

Thanks so much,
Charles Mansfiled

First the good news... You make an excellent product ! I have used it for over a week and my partner tell me that my snoring has drastically reduced ! Now she is going to use the 2nd mouthpiece and see if her snoring is abated as well.

Best regards,

I have used the mouthpiece for several nights in a row a couple of times and it effectively eliminates snores, according to my witness.

Thanks so much,
George Wenz

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